PR-12BE Active Antenna Power Supply

PR-12BE Power Supply

The PR-12BE is an Active Antenna Power Supply working on either AC or DC primary voltages.
  • 12VDC
  • 24VDC
  • 110VAC
  • 220VAC

PR-12BE Power Supply

  • Gold Plated 75 Ohm "F" connectors are used for connection to an Active Antenna and 2 TV or Radio Receivers.
  • A low loss ferrite splitter provides the two outputs.
  • Fused 15VDC for the antenna and the AC primary supply
  • The power supply is well filtered and Voltage Regulated.
  • Frequency Coverage  100 kHz - 1GHz
  • Output 15VDC @ 90 mA
PR-12BE Power Supply PR-12BE  A delux version with "shock free" fuses and a 20dB attenuator.  CE marked

PR-20BE  A delux high power version  to power 2 larger antennas at the same time. CE marked

  • Output 15VDC @ 260 mA

 Cast Metal Hinged EMI Shielded and Gasketed Case with water tight Cable Glands.

Dimensional drawing of the PR-12BE Case ( MS Word format )

Dimensional drawing of PR-12BE Case ( Adobe pdf format )

Schematic and internal layout drawing ( MS Word )

Installation Instructions on PR-12BE ( Adobe pdf format )

Photos with AC connections and 115-230 VAC Strapping

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