Work Boat TV Antenna

The Extra Performance PR-414 Marine TV Antenna
from Naval Electronics in Tampa
Replacing MK-14 or MK14 with Robust Performance.

Naval PR-414 Marine TV Antenna for Work Boats

PR-414 Marine TV Antenna

Naval PR-414 Marine TV Antenna for Work Boats

Dimensions on Antenna : width 44.5cm (17.5 inches), height 20 cm (8 inches)
ALMAG Marine Alloy Flange : 3 inches high and it mounts on a 1.5 inches od pipe


PR-414 is an omni-directional, active, wideband Terrestrial AM-FM-TV receiving antenna (0.1-860 MHz) for marine use, specially designed for craft equipped with one or two Radio and TV sets as on Coasters in limited international trade, Fishing-boats, Tugs, Pilot Service Craft, Off-shore supply boats, Rescue Cruisers, where extra performance in a highly robust package is appreciated.

PR-414 is a low profile product, based on 3 independent low noise amplifiers integrated directly to the omni-directional multi-element antenna. The antenna's exterior is made of UV protected thick ABS plastic, which requires no maintenance. All inner parts are embedded in solid polyurethane foam for protection from heavy vibration, moisture and sub zero temperatures. Mounting hardware is made of Cast Marine Grade Almag 35 Aluminum alloy. The integral low noise 3 band 6 transistor amplifier increases the sensitivity of the system as well as compensating for cable-losses in the antenna downlead. Separating the amplifiers benifits intermod rejection and allows for more gain with less noise.The PR-414 features high performance 5 GHz bi- polar microwave transistors, which are protected against static charge.

An interference filter is provided to protect against picture degradition when the vessels Marine VHF is in use.

PR-414 utilizes a "3 off-set broadband dipole element configuration" with each element covering a 120 degree view of the surroundings and a much improved omni-directional antenna pattern when compared with other antennas.

The PR414 antenna is delivered with 4ft (around 1.2 meters) or 16 meters (50 ft) of 75 Ohm RG-6U low loss coaxial cable and custom lengths can be arranged. The antenna includes a coax seal F connector splice kit and PR-11 power box with two outputs for 12 or 24 VDC operation. Our special taps and splitters are needed for AM and SW operation and reverse path is not available in this case.

A 115/220 VAC power supply is available at extra charge (PR-12)

Ships distribution amplifiers and passives are also avaliable as well as technical assistance by phone or email.

Naval Marine Electronics, Tampa Florida

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