PR-11 Active Antenna Power Supply


The PR-11 Power Supply is for use with Marine and MATV Active Antennas where DC mains are available. It features Voltage Regulation and a built in 2-way Splitter.  The attractive plated cast metal case provides the necessary EMI isolation for CE mark in Europe. F connections are cast into the case and allow the cable connector to be wrench torqued on without damaging internal circuitry. An injection molded ABS base prevents ground loops when mounted to a steel bulkhead. The PR-11 is provided with a power indicating LED, an inline fuse power cable and an On/Off Switch . Primary power can be either +12 or +24 VDC (nominal battery 13.8 and 27.6) and connections are provided and marked  for both on the power terminal block. (terminal block not shown)

PR-12  AC/DC combination Active Antenna Power Supply

Marine TV Antenna Systems

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