PR-411 Marine Radio-TV Antenna for Fine Yachts

FOR COLOR VHF, UHF, AM AND FM STEREO RECEPTION AT SEA: The Naval PR-411 is an omni- directional active Terrestrial TV antenna for Maritime use. It is ideal for use on craft equipped with one or two TV sets such as fishing boats, work boats, yachts and tugs.

PERFORMANCE: The PR-411 is an all-channel, wide band, active antenna that brings in beautiful color pictures on both VHF and UHF television and provides for AM and FM stereo reception at sea. A special built-in, filtered low noise amplifier with 5 microwave transistors boosts signal in all 4 bands. Eleven filters, each hand tuned with a HP Spectrum Analyzer and Tracking Generator, reject possible out of band interferrence.

CONVENIENT AND RELIABLE: The PR-411 is omni-directional and does not require a rotor as others do and which is prone to failure in a marine environment. The PR-411 has no moving parts other than the stainless steel mounting bolts on the alloy base. It never needs adjusting and provides for reception regardless of the vessel's heading.

QUALITY: The PR-411 antenna is designed strictly for marine applications by Naval Electronics, recognized specialists in marine TV antennas and distribution systems. As a result of it's rugged and improved design, the PR-411 will easily withstand high winds and ice loading, salt water spray and the continuous shock and vibration that only a marine environment can inflict.

LONG LIFE: The PR-411 is completely weather proof and is of stable, compact and robust construction. The antenna's exterior is vacuum formed in thick, tough white UV protected ABS plastic which requires no maintenance. The upper shell is chemically bonded, not glued, to the ribbed bottom shell. All inner parts including the low noise amplifier are imbedded in solid polyurethane foam which is injected during the final manufacturing process in Tampa, Florida. All metal parts including the cast 1.5 inch pipe mount are of special corrosion resistant marine alloys.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The PR-411 is supplied complete with 50 ft. of RG-6U industrial grade low loss cable and a power box to supply 2 television sets or AM-FM radios. The universal power supply accepts 12-40VDC or 115/220VAC. An economical DC only supply is also available.

DC Power Supply PR-11 shown above
AC/DC power supply PR-12 in water tight case
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