Shown with DC power supply
The New High Performance PR-411 AM-FM-TV Antenna from Naval Electronics Tampa
Technical Specifications

Frequency range: 100KHz-860 MHz
Average AM band gain 15db (amp)
Average VHF gain: 25 dB (amp)
Average UHF gain: 20 dB (amp)
VHF Noise figure: 3.5 (amp)
UHF Noise figure: 3.0(amp)
Max output level: 98 dBuV min (2 signals-60 dBIM)
Third order intermod products: >18dB IP3
Filters: Band pass 100 Khz- 30 Mhz., 47-108 MHz., 174-230 MHz.,470-860 MHz.
Broadband rejection filter:140-165 MHz.
Polarization: horizontal
Antenna pattern: omni-directional
Supply voltage to antenna: 15VDC nominal
Current consumption: approx. 90 mA (with LED)
Operating temperature: -40 to +55 C.
Protection circuits: static discharge device fires at 90 volts
Impedence: 75 ohm nominal
Connector "F" type Gold electroplate or BNC-75 (see options)
Return loss: >8dB with optional output connector.
Radome material: ABS-UV
Flange material: Stainless, Marine Almag-535, or Painted Aluminum
Polished stainless flange is shown in photo above
Internal stabilization material: Polyurathane Foam injection
Element material: copper foil
Element type: broadband loop
Shipping Weight: 8 pounds with 50 ft coax and Aluminum Flange
Dimensions:width 44.5cm (17.5 in), height 15 cm (6 in)
Shipping container dim: 18 inches wide x 6inches high

Click here to see or to print an Adobe pdf file of the data sheet.

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