Install of 48 inch Satellite dish at Tampa Florida

Pedestal for SeaTel 48 inch Satellite Antenna

Pedestal after completion

Pedestal being positioned on deck

Pedestal in position and awaiting the dish by crane.
48 inch SeaTel Satellite Antenna Dome

Out of the crate!


Naval field engineer installing Satellite TV Antenna

Setting the antenna into position on the pedestal

Jimmy running cables

Satellite Antenna eating engineer

Internal connections

Satellite Antenna installation in Tampa

Cable way to the control center

Inside a SeaTel Satellite Antenna Dome

Dish inside the Radome




SeaTel Satellite Controler

Setting up the Control Unit

SeaTel Satellite Antenna

Cobham SatCom Partner

Installation by Naval Electronics of Tampa Florida USA

Naval Marine Electronics, Tampa Florida

Marine Satellite TV Antenna Systems
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