Active MF-HF-FM Receiving Antenna VPA 30

For many years, Naval Electronics has been a recognized design and manufacturing company for shipboard antennas and CATV/MATV-systems. The experience gained during this period, has gone into the new VPA30 active receiving antenna. Thorough design of mechanical and electrical parts will give years of troublefree, high performance, meeting the very special demands put on shipboard antennas. The VPA-30 is  a very compact active antenna optimized for AM reception from 100 kHz to 30 Mhz and the FM broadcast band of 88-108 MHz. The antenna is omnidirectional and senses vertical polarization.

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Active Antennas -vs- Longwire Antennas
Compact Size - The VPA-30 antenna is only 850 mm tall. The internal amplifiers make up for the relatively small size of the receiving elements, delivering signals equal to much larger passive antennas. Output Impedance is a constant 50-75 ohms across the entire frequency range of the antenna, making an antenna tuner totally unneccessary. Omnidirectional reception pattern makes the VPA-30 antenna perform equally on signals coming from all directions, while longwire antennas exhibit some directionality.

On shortwave, short vertical antennas like the VPA-30 demonstrate quieter reception with much less atmospheric noise than wire antennas, especially important on lower shortwave frequencies.
On the FM Radio band a remote passive antenna is subject to severe feedline losses, resulting in weaker signals at the receiver's antenna input. The internal low-noise amplifier of the VPA-30 increases signal strength before any cable losses are encountered, delivering much stronger signal levels to the receive


Naval Tampa is prepared to develop compact active receiving antennas on special  order for Govt, Military and Aeronautical use.

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