Changable Antenna Amplifier

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tube amp
PAL connector
boot and cap
ring groove
inside the flange
snap ring tool
compressing the ring
ring close up
snap ring

Removing the Changeable/repairable amplifier
from PR-420, MK-20/22 and PR-422 antenna

Look into the mounting flange and the white plastic cap will be seen. Grip the rim of the cap with long nose pliers and pull. Move pliers to the other side of the cap and pull and wiggle. The cap should break free of its silicone rubber seal and slide towards you on the cable with the black rubber boot attached.  This will expose the snap ring retainer.

Using a snap ring tool, compress the snap ring and remove it. The amplifier can then be removed by a steady pull on the coax cable. It is connected to the inside of the antenna simply by a push on PAL connector as shown above.

Once the amplifier has been removed, push the coax cable into the tube and the whole assembly will slide out the top of the tube.

Most common problems with this antenna:

1. Water entry into the F connections just below the antenna...electrolysis will corrode the soft copper center conductor of the coax.

Cure:  Clean off the corrosion, dry the connectors and seal against the weather with "coax-seal" putty tape.  Electrical tape will not ensure a water tight connection.

2. Separation of the coax from the internal amplifier's printed circuit board from not supporting a long cable against downloading or, from a sharp pull to the coax.

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