VHF/UHF TV Line of Sight Calculator

Tv reception at sea is dependent on line of sight.

When the horizon or curvature of the earth comes between the TV Transmitter  and the Ship's receiving antenna, the signal is blocked First select feet or meteres and then input the antenna heights above sea level. The predicted reception range will show in miles or KM as you select. Note that more powerful TV transmitters can extend this range by about 20 pct due to scatter effect!
 Height of Shore Transmitter Antenna (ASL)
 Height of Ship's TV Antenna (ASL) Feet Metres

For the Transmitter, the Radio Horizon is away.
For the Ship, the Radio Horizon is away.
The total line of sight distance is Miles Km.

Many thanks to John Owen for allowing us to use his Java Code
This Java code is copright by John Owen and not to be used without permission.G4VWL 2003

Marine TV Antenna Systems

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