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Deck Mount Flange with 12" Stainless Steel pipe for PR-411 and PR414 TV Antennas

  • Note that the deck flanges are identical to the flanges on our antennas.
  • Stainless Pipe diameter are OD 1.5" or  2.0".
  • All our flanges are made from Marine Almag or Stainless Steel. We do not use raw painted aluminum in any of our products.
  • A propriatory chemical is used to separate the stainless bolts from the Almag flanges to prevent natural electrolysis and the resulting corrosion normally found without this protection. TefGel
  • Deck Flanges come complete with Stainless mounting bolts, flat washers and nuts. There is an optional cast and threaded backing plate available for both flanges and shown below.
  • PR-411 and 414 antennas accept a 1.5" pipe
  • PR-420 and 422 antennas accept a 2.0" pipe
  • We stock the stainless pipe in 6" and 12" lengths.





Shown above is the optional Backing Plate with threaded holes. It can be ordered from stock for both the 1.5" 3-hole flange and the and the 2" 4-hole flange. It is cast with tough marine grade ALMAG aluminum.
Tef-Gel is a registered trademark of Ultra Safety Systems, Inc.

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