Coax Cable "Tilt" or "SLOPE"

Lyman Duggan, Naval Electronics Inc.

We are often asked:

"How long can the cable be from our Active Antennas to the Headend"
  • Coax cable has higher losses at higher frequencies and this is what is known as TILT~! 
  • This can also be reffered to as "SLOPE" and needs to be considered in any coaxial CATV cable run. 
  • Our antennas have an internal amplifier that is designed to compensate for 100 ft or 30 meters of RG-6 cable.
  • Tilt compensation has been applied in the amplifier to boost the higher UHF signals so that when they reach the head end the levels are more or less equal.  Longer lengths will attenuate beyond the capabliity of the amplifier.  It is possible that weak signals in the high UHF band will be driven close or into the noise floor where they cannot be recoverd.
  • The amplifier also compensates equally for approximately 150 ft of RG-11 Cable. For longer lengths, up to  200 ft use RF-213 or a cascadable tilt amplifier placed in a critical position on the string or branch.
  • We commonly supply 15dB Tilt Amplifiers for use on Navy ships to boost signals coming from a CATV shore source and have a long run across the pier and then to the Headend.
  • Tilt or Slope loss can also affect video on video cables with long runs and thus reduces the bandwidth or high frequency content of the video signal, which, in turn, reduces the picture sharpness. At Satellite Baseband frequencies the effect is very pronounced but the signal is relatively narrow band. For runs greater than 150ft., fiber optics is often used.
 Our active antennas are 75 ohms impedence normally but we can supply at 50 ohms when requested. It is mearly a small ferrite change in the internal amplifier and a different 50 ohm cable is used and of course a different connector. We use F connectors at 75 ohms and BNC connectors at 50 ohms.


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