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Navy Ship, Merchant Shipping and Work Boats

"When crew morale demands the best TV reception at sea, one company has
been sending the right signal for more than 30 years"


PR-422 Antenna

PR-414 Antenna

The Robust PR-414 TV-AM-FM Antenna for Work Boats.

The PR-422 pictured above is at the head of a new 4000 Series Marine Banded Amplifier System with ground isolated distribution passives. The Series 4000 is the result of painstaking engineering and the use of state of the art components including high performance GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors and MMIC devices.


PR-411 Antenna

PR-411 is ideal for use on yachts with one or two TV sets.
(Not aviable!!!!)

AC-4000 Aluminum Cabinet & Banded Amplifiers

CAS System



PRA-422 Power Supply  Splitter  Outlet

              Power Supply             Splitter                  Outlet

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